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Top Grade TMT Bar Manufacturer

In 2007, Captain Steel established its first manufacturing plant at Kalyaneshwari, in the Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal. Soon after, another manufacturing unit was set up at Bihta, in Patna district of Bihar. Our aim was to supply industry-leading TMT bars throughout the country. Today, we have a 5,25,000 MT annual production capacity, making our product one of the top TMT bars in India.


  • Our rolling mills are designed by Korus Engineering, a renowned rolling mill consultant
  • Our plant has a high-tech quality control laboratory to ensure production of the best quality TMT bars
  • We continuously introduced products of higher Fe grades; 500, 550 and now, 600
  • Our finest TMT reinforcement bar, Captain 600 EQR has a Fe 600 Grade and provides greater strength, durability, and flexibility
  • We consistently leads the way in introducing cutting-edge, innovative products, such as epoxy-coated TMT bars ( Captain Rustguard ), setting a standard for excellence.
Trust in Excellence

TMT Bar Products Crafted with High Standards

Spectrum of TMT Bar Manufacturing Excellence
Captain Steel Forte building a mega project
Spectrum of TMT Bar Manufacturing Excellence
Quality and innovation lie at the heart of Captain Steel’s strongholds. Our reinforcement bars are produced from C-20 billets at our own steel melting shop conforming to IS 2830:1992. Our continuous casting machines produce reinforcement bars in the grades of 600 and 550 EQR, which are as per IS 1786:2008 specifications. The superior quality of our billets enhances the intrinsic quality of our TMT rebars, enabling them to withstand load under adverse conditions.

Products Engineered with Cutting-edge Technology

Our TMT products ensure unparalleled strength, durability, and resilience for your structures. Elevate your construction projects with the backbone of excellence – choose Captain TMT for a foundation that stands the test of time.

Captain 600 EQR

Captain 600 EQR is one of our flagship products. Renowned for quality, this TMT bar is regarded as one of the top quality TMT bars in India today. Built stronger to last longer, Captain 600 EQR is created to provide strength and protection to constructions over generations. It is used in large constructions like industries, dams, bridges, highways, and other infrastructural projects. Our TMT rebars are regularly supplied to government bodies, public enterprises, and large developers, and are equally popular among individual house builders, retailers, contractors, engineers, and masons.
Captain 600 EQR Premium Steel TMT Bar
Captain RustGuard Reinforcement Bar in India

Captain Rust Guard

Captain Steel has always been one of the first movers to introduce world-class, innovative products like epoxy coated TMT bars. With a manufacturing capacity of 50,000 MTPA, Captain Steel is the only company in Eastern India producing the technological marvel - an epoxy coated TMT bars called Captain Rust Guard, that protects against rust and corrosion.

A fusion bonded epoxy-coated TMT bar protects against exposure to oxygen and water molecules. It provides resistance against corrosion, extending the life of the construction manifold. The rib pattern of Captain Steel’s Rust Guard TMT rebar ensures a strong grip on concrete in RCC constructions. The fusion bonded epoxy coating is a single window procedure within the TMT manufacturing plant and is supported by a well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratory with all modern testing facilities. It conforms to the BIS IS 13620:1993 specifications.

Life at Captain Steel

Life at Captain, is not just all work and no fun, it’s an exciting and fulfilling journey with ample scope for growth. What makes it a smooth sailing is primarily a very approachable and sensitive senior management, cutting across all verticals. The organization provides excellent mentoring and handholding for all levels of resource, irrespective of the hierarchy matrix. An active tech team ensures that organizationally, Captain is always up to date with new technologies and systems. Be it the app driven attendance system or seamless leave activation process or requisition, when it comes to tech, only the best does it. The organization is forever ready for new ideas and suggestions, and ample mind space is given to all initiatives.

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