Captain Nails

Captain Nails
Captain Nails
Captain nails are manufactured and designed using quality accepted non-toxic raw materials (especially exceptional grade raw materials) as per quality standard norms and advanced technology. They are Corrosion resistance, have high tensile strength, are durable and have highly reliable quality. Stiff and strong properties make Captain Nails resistant to bending and have strong holding power. Annular grooves on the nails and the large head (which is usually much larger and flatter than other types of nails) improves the holding capacity.

Seamless surface and perfect bite angle allow strong grip on working surface. Available in 2 variants of 2 inches and 2.5 Inches. Each type is available in two packet sizes - 1 Kg and 2 kg. Captain Nails have huge acceptance in the market for its superior quality and is widely used in construction industry and carpentry work.

Don't take our word for it


I have been associated with Captain TMT for 6 years now. The quality of Captain 600EQR and Captain RustGuard is really excellent. Also, the Captain Support staff is really helpful and good. I am thankful to Captain TMT for being with us in our professional sphere.

Ashesh Maity,

Civil Engineer, Digha Area


The quality of CAPTAIN TMT Bars is excellent and these rebars fit all types of reinforcements and designs. I am very much satisfied with the product since 2012 and always refer CAPTAIN TMT to my clients. To say that CAPTAIN offers the best bendability and strength is no exaggeration. As an Architect I personally like CAPTAIN RustGuard very much

Sujan Kumar Mondal

Architect, Howrah


I chose Captain TMT because of easy availability; the product has a wide size range and is readily available at the dealer counter. The price of the product and quality is impressive and I am very happy with the choice of buying Captain TMT.

Anil Tiwary,



I am a first time user of coated TMT bar for construction and honestly I am thoroughly satisfied with Captain RustGuard. It is easily available in my locality and the product gives complete peace of mind.

Anuj Kumar,

Customer, Daltonganj


Captain RustGuard is really a unique and useful product. It is also easily available. We have approximately lifted 35 MT of RustGuard in the last 6 months.

Amrit Kumar Gupta



It has been 6 years now that I have been associated with Captain Steel. Must say they come with very good schemes and definitely look at improving our business with their strategies. I am loyal to the brand and always recommend 600 EQR to all my customers.

Mohammad Mohiddin

PLY CENTRE, Jagarnathpur, Jharkhand


It has been a wonderful association with Captain TMT for the last 7 years. Their support system is really impressive and I have never got stuck without any solution from team Captain. I have been able to grow my business along with Captain TMT.

Sunil Kumar

Prasad Agency, Gumla, Jharkhand


My business association with Captain Steel is nearly for 4 years. All this while, I have benefited from their schemes, offers and their excellent sales and marketing support. The company has helped me in growing my business for the past few years and I recommend the brand to all my customers.

Manoj Kumar Rakshit

Manoj Enterprises, Godda, Jharkhand

Frequently Asked Questions

Grade 600 EQR

Our QC laboratory is equipped with Spectrometer, Universal Tensile Strength Machine
and Microscope etc to ensure high grade of products.

- Superior Chemical Properties as compared to the relevant required maximum values of Carbon & Sulphur
- Superior Physical Properties
- Superior UTS (Ultimate Tensile Stress) /YS (Yield Stress) Ratio
- Superior % Elongation
- Better Nitrogen Values

600 EQR is made from C-20 billets, which enhances the intrinsic quality of the bar to
withstand load under adverse conditions

Captain 600 EQR can resist upto 600 degree Celsius

Yes, we provide the test report with the consignment


600 EQR is made from C-20 billets, which enhances the intrinsic quality of the bar to withstand load under adverse conditions.

The scientific rib design of Captain 600 EQR provides better gripping for better bonding with concrete.

Captain 600 EQR can resist upto 600 degree Celsius.

Due to low carbon content content, bars can be butt or lap welded using ordinary rutile
coated electrodes without pre or post heat treatment.

Rust Guard TMT bar is called a green revolution in steel and Captain Steel India Ltd
manufactured it first in Eastern India.

It is called Rust Guard as this TMT bar provides complete protection from Rust and corrosion due to
the epoxy coating on the bar.

Epoxy coatings cure, whereas paint dries. In addition, when 100 percent solid epoxy
coatings are used, the surface becomes hard and durable, making it highly resistant to
things like chemicals, abrasions, impact, oil and grease, and stains.

No the green colour is not hand painted. It is a fusion bonded epoxy coating on the TMT bar, done
by high end machines. Fusion bonded epoxy is basically 100% solid ground fused powder particles
which when heated melt to form a continuous film, the metaloplast membrane. This membrane
being non-penetrative protects the steel from attack of oxygen and water molecules and provides
protection from rust and corrosion.

The rib design of Rust Guard TMT bar ensure strong grip with concrete in RCC under fusion bonding
conditions. So Rust guard doesn’t slip with concrete, rather has a very strong grip with concrete.

Yes Rust Guard TMT bars can be welded. After welding, patch up coating must be applied on the cut
area. Patch up coating is provided complimentary by Captain Steel on every purchase.

Yes Rust Guard TMT bars are flexible and can be bended.

Rust Guard TMT bars conforms with BIS IS 13620 : 1993 specifications

No, please use cutting machine or hacksaw blade to cut Rust Guard TMT bars.

Please use mandrel for bending Rust Guard TMT bars.

Rust guard TMT bars are manufactured by the following steps:
a. Surface preparation by shot blasting process
b. Heating of rebars (upto 240 degree Celsius) by Induction heating
c. Epoxy coating on rebars
d. Quenching on rebars
e. Testing of the product