Why choosing the best TMT rebar is important?

construction in progress

Seeing is believing and often that which is not easily visible has a propensity of not getting the attention it deserves. This is very apt for TMT steel bars which are used for construction. Debates and discussions happen over the perfect shade of green or pink for the outer walls, many an argument takes place while choosing the perfect tiles, and the design of the grills of a balcony is discussed at length.
However, TMT bars, often fail to take the place of prominence it deserves, mostly because they are hidden from view, snugly cemented within a wall. It is possibly the most important segment in any construction. Buying branded TMT is very important and there are multiple reasons for the same. The logic is very simple. One can repaint a house, relay the tiles, and redo the grills, but the TMT steel bars, which are used in construction are meant for posterity, there is very little scope for changing them once the construction work is complete. 

Why do TMT steel bars play such an important role? 

First and foremost, it is about strength. TMT rebars give the necessary strength to the structure. While TMT bars of Fe grade 500 and 550 are often used, there are now branded TMT bars available with the strength of Fe grade 600. Such rebars give requisite strength to structures, while at the same time are quite bendable. Research and development have led to advanced RIB patterns in the TMT rebars, which give excellent bonding with RCC structures. Due to any kind of shock, for instance in places where earthquakes are frequent such a shock to structures is quite regular, using a stronger and safer TMT bar like 600 EQR is much advised. Even in zones that are not earthquake-prone, branded TMT rebars with Fe 600 strength provide safety to structures and give complete peace of mind. Easy availability of premium TMT rebars has made the process of selecting the right TMT much easier nowadays. 

But not just advanced RIB pattern or higher Fe grade, technology has evolved so as to safeguard structures from rust and corrosion as well. Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated TMT steel bars have now come into production. Such TMT bars are protected from rust and corrosion due to the epoxy coating. This coating acts as an inhibitor to the actions of hard water and shuts out microporosity. Fusion-bonded epoxy coating also seals reaction sites. This technology helps in protecting against the formation of rust and subsequent corrosion. 

Many a time, spalling happens on construction thus exposing the corroded bar. But this can be avoided by opting for fusion bonded epoxy coated TMT rebars. 

Hence a little attention given to the selection of branded TMT rebars is very important and goes a long way in ensuring the long life of construction.