What makes Captain 600 EQR stand out from others?

features of Captain TMT bars

TMT bars are easily the backbone of any sound construction. They have a few intrinsic qualities which make them unmatched in coping with natural calamities and wear and tear over prolonged period of time. There are various grades of TMT bars or Thermo Mechanical Treatment bars but out of them, Captain 600 EQR truly stands out. Since large parts of India fall under seismic zones, it is imperative that the TMT bars have the technical capacity to withstand natural disasters. This is a key benefit of Captain 600 EQR. The product has very fine and uniform ferrite grains at its core. This gives better capacity in absorbing shock which proves a boon in earthquake prone zones. The TMT also has high toughness and low absorption quality that ensures safety against collapsibility. This happens due to the higher yield stress to BL ratio in the TMT. Due to its balanced chemistry the product is highly ductile with the added benefit of a higher grade of FE, namely 600. This variant of TMT is also required in considerably lower quantities thus leading to savings in steel cost and also to some extent in man days. Worldwide, the trend in developed countries is that more and more high grades of steel are being used. Closer home, Captain TMT with incredible foresight has already forayed into a higher grade with its marquee product 600 EQR. A perfect mix of science and craftsmanship makes Captain 600 EQR a truly futuristic product readily available today.