Changing trends of steel: 2022

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Global population trends have brought about a sea change in the entire ecosystem of construction and infrastructure. Sprawling villas and houses have gradually given way to vertical expansion of residences as the world reels under the pressure of increasing population. Worldwide in developed countries there has been a change in perception when it comes to the grade of steel.

To sustain and ensure the safety of high rising constructions higher grades of steel have come in. This ensures longevity of structures and also unmatched security from natural calamities like earthquakes, storms and torrential rainfall. In this entire scheme of things, TMT bars have had an interesting journey. Way back in 1959, mostly round bars were used in construction, but that gradually evolved into plain ribbed bar in the 1960’s. The process of research and development continued and in 1968, CTD bars came up.

However, these were not very flexible and hence failed to give adequate strength to constructions. Finally in the 1980’s TMT bars or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars came in vogue. These were more flexible, had more strength and assured better safety and security for structures. Steel industry diligently kept up the efforts of further betterment and Captain 600 EQR is one of the highest grades of TMT bar that is being produced now.

Another major problem hindering construction is the concern of corrosion and rust. Formation of rust leads to cracks, spalling and compromises the integrity of structures. To address this concern, epoxy coated TMT bars have gradually come in. Fusion bonding process involved in the manufacture of RustGuard rebars does not allow the coating to peel off or expose the rebar surface. In the long run, this ensures excellent grip with concrete since the prominence of the ribs are maintained. RustGuard rebars also have better weldability and stretchability making them an excellent choice for constructions.