Advantage Captain

1. Made from quality billets – Use of C-20 billets enhance the intrinsic quality to withstand load under adverse conditions.

2.Acclaimed German Technology – Widely acclaimed Thermex Technology, for quenching and tempering of bars, provides more strength and bendability.

3.Manufactured at fully automatic continuous rolling mill – Results in excellent dimensional tolerance to set perfect configuration in surface finishing.

4.Scientific Rib Design – Grip geometry allows better bonding with concrete.

5.Fire Resistant – Up to 600 degrees.

6.Corrosion Resistant – CR elements together with strong outer surface Martensitic rim and perfect chemical composition helps in combating corrosion of TMT bars which can be used even in corrosion prone zone.

7.Better Bendability – Due to a perfect combination of high ductile percentage in the core and stranded tough surface, 100% safe bendability is possible even in a standard conventional method.

8.Greater Weldability – Due to low carbon content, bars can be butt or lap welded using ordinary rutile coated electrodes without pre or post heat treatment.

9.Wide Range – 5.5 to 32 mm.

10.Available across the country.



Our products are made from quality billets with enhanced intrinsic quality to withstand load adverse conditions. They are manufactured at a fully automatic continuous rolling dimensional tolerance surface finish with German Technology Thermex Technology for quenching and tempering of bars.



Our products are fire resistant up to 600 C along with being earthquake resistant which is most suited for prone areas due to higher elongation and stress ratio. They are also corrosion resistant along with martensite and better-combating corrosion of TMT Bars.



With a wider range of 8-32mm, our products can save cost upto 19% and require lesser rods and labour hours.