Music, laughter and fun at Captain Samriddhi @ Kolkata

events by Captain TMT bars
The sun has now started shining and the dark storm clouds have been dispelled to some extent. There is happiness now, post the dreary times of the pandemic. It is also a time to get together with our near and dear ones and have some happy times with our extended family. Recently two such wonderful events happened with the first on the 17 th of May at Nicco Park.
The evening started on an auspicious note with Ganesh Vandana which was followed by a quick address from the senior management of the Captain family. After all, many from our senior management know our extended family of associate dealers over many years. It is a bond that is built upon #foundationoftrust. It was then time for a scintillating performance by Tollywood star Nusrat and she enthralled the audience with her dance to peppy numbers.
Many in the audience could not help but tap their feet to the upbeat music. Singer Debanjali followed suit and belted out one hit number after another. There were many more such song and dance numbers, however, the high point of the evening was the awards night and lucky draw. Smiling families were aplenty especially those who won cars and motorcycles through their sheer hard work. It surely did encourage the others to vie for such moments going ahead with their journey along with Captain steel.
On the 21 st of May a similar get together happened at the Mistika banquet of Eco Park. High point of the evening was of course the entrance of diva Subhasree as she joined the colourful dancers on stage. The dancers virtually set the stage on fire with their wonderful performance in sync with the high energy music. However, there was more in store as hubby Raj Chakraborty, acclaimed film director and MLA from Barrackpore joined the action on stage. The power couple had the loudest applaud in the evening. It was then time for the awards and accolades as district wise Associate dealers were called on stage. First to go were the ones from Howrah, even before the applause died down it was time for those from North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas to share the limelight.
Once the happy faces settled down, singer Debanjali took the stage, and it was time to unwind after all the action. And what’s a good night without good food? The lavish menu really touched a chord with all present as the night gradually wound up with happy faces all around.